Letters & e-mails about re-booking for next term will be automatically sent to you before half term - the exact date will be on your Diary Dates section of your rebooking email.

Re-booking Policy

We follow this policy to ensure:

  • Our present swimmers are rewarded for their loyalty by being given priority when re-booking lessons. However, to take advantage of this you need to get your form back to us before the re-booking deadline!

  • Groups of children are closely matched as to their ability and age. This makes the teaching of the group far more effective, giving maximum value-for-money.

  • Every-one is treated fairly. With well over 1,000 children swimming with us each week and a further 150 applying for places each term, we need to have a known policy that is fair and applicable to all.

How allocations are made

The allocation process is complicated and a bit like trying to do a huge jigsaw puzzle. If you would like us to go through it in more detail with you and how to get the best chance of receiving your first choice of lesson, please do give us a ring between 9.30am and 2.30pm. This is an overview of the process:

  1. Requests and payments from parents are recorded and prioritised up to the re-booking deadline.

  2. On the day of re-booking, tutors let the office know which groups children should be swimming in next term. At the beginner phase of their learning (up to and including Shark & 5m level badges), most children can stay at the same day and time and the group progresses together through the badges. Once at Shallow 1 and above, children need to physically move up a group once they have mastered the skills required for their current group. We will automatically move children to the next group at the same day and time providing there is a space.

  3. Late into the night on the priority deadline….. taking children in order of when payment was received, allocations are made as follows:

    • Firstly, children staying at the same time and place are booked in first; so providing your payment is received before the priority deadline and the group is still balanced and working well, you are guaranteed to retain your current slot. Please note that this does not guarantee you will have the same tutor. Whilst we have a very high retention rate of staff and we do not change tutors around without good reason, staff changes are inevitable. If you have a particularly sensitive child you are welcome to ring the office at the beginning of term to check who their tutor will be to prepare them for any changes.

    • Secondly, all children needing to move up a level but requesting same day and time are then moved to the appropriate group. If there is no space at the level required, parents are contacted and offered alternatives.

    • Lastly, children wanting to move are allocated next in order of when the payment was received. So if your first choice was say Monday at 4pm, we look to see if there is a space there and if there is, would that the be at the appropriate level. If not, we look at your second, then third choice etc. If you give us a range of times, say between 4 and 6pm on Monday, we look for the best group in that time range for your child and allocate them there. If we cannot find any time that you can do, we would let you know and offer a full refund. Please do list ALL the times that you can do in order of preference if you would like to move to ensure you do get offered a space.

  4. If we cannot find a mutually agreeable time, your money will be refunded in full.

  5. If your payment is late and you miss a priority booking place: The allocation process is started and places allocated over the weekend. If your payment reaches us after the priority deadline, we will allocate a place for your child once the priority bookings are complete. You should know within a week if we have received your payment but cannot offer you a place at all.

If your child needs to move up

  •          To a deeper pool or squad:  We will let you know on your rebooking form or email.  If there is no mention of moving up, they are fine to stay at the same pool or squad.

  •           To a different ability level : The adjustment will be made automatically for you.  At beginner level, groups often move at the same pace so the tutor will automatically change their goals and teaching methods for the entire class.  At intermediate & advanced levels we will automatically move children to the next group if there is a space at the time they currently swim at.  If we are not able to do this for your child, we will look for an alternative class within the times you have specified.  If we cannot find a time slot you have mentioned, we will ring you to discuss available options.  If we cannot find a mutually suitable class, we will refund your money in full.