St. Catherine's Girls School,Cross Deep, Twickenham

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Please note that once a term we are unable to use St Catherine’s on a Saturday due to Open Days.  For that week only we use the pool on the following Sunday at the same time instead.

  • Description :Full sized 18 metre pool with variable depth.

  • Changing facilities: There is a large communal changing room, showers and toilets exclusively for pool users. This is to the left as you enter the pool room.
  • Parking: (see below "How to find the pool".)
  • Recommended for: intermediates, advanced and squad swimmers.  
  • Tutor Ratio: Intermediate swimmers: Up to 3 tutors in the water with a maximum of 3 children each. Advanced swimmers: Up to 3 tutors working out of the water, with up to 4 children each.   Squads:Up to 18 children in the more advanced squads, with one coach and one assistant.
  • Viewing the Lessons: Parents wait on poolside with a clear view and within ear shot of the lessons taking place.
  • How to find the pool: The school is on the corner of Cross Deep and Pope’s Grove, Twickenham (opposite the Alexander Pope pub). During the school week, the area does get congested particularly when St. Catherine’s pupils are collected between 4 - 4:30pm. There are a small number of parking meters outside the school entrance on Cross Deep itself. These take 20p coins, and cost 20 pence per 10 minutes. In Pope’s Grove, you may park on the school zig-zag after 4:30pm. There are also a number of resident’s bays marked all along this road, which are open to anyone to use after 10am.
  • For your first visit, it is easier to find the pool if you use the entrance that is right next to the pedestrian crossing on Cross Deep itself. As you enter these gates, walk towards the building just in front of you and enter through the doors to the left. Once inside the building, you will find the pool at the end of a very short corridor, just in front of you. The changing, toilets and showers are all adjoining the pool room.